Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s director, has announced in the last weeks that Instagram is going to experiment a new update during the following February.

Its goal is to simplify the navigation experience, while the users discover personalized relevant content. In consequence, the bottom navigation bar will become being organized using the following distribution:

Start, Search, Create, Reels and Profile

Thus, the Creation section will become the center and main goal of the navigation in order to increase the content production.

Another fundamental aspect is that the Shopping section will be removed. However, this will not end up with the shopping inside the platform. The consumer will still be able to shop through the feed posts, stories, reels and ads.

To sum up, the changes in Instagram are the following:

    1. Simplifying the app’s navigation
    2. Changing the bottom bar’s distribution focusing attention on the content creation
    3. Removing the Shopping section

Along this year, we are still waiting a new update very similar to BeReal, called Candid, regarding Stories. Instagram will compete against this new app since it is becoming very popular between young people. The app will send us a reminder anytime during the day and the users will have to post a story using no filters. Tentatively, we will be able to post once per day.

As Mosseri indicates, Instagram’s goals with this new update are the following:

  • Inspiring followers to express themselves with freedom
  • Helping users to discover what they like
  • Generating human connections through their discovers in the net

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