Increase the reach of your Instagram Stories.

Lately, Instagram Stories are experimenting a reach loss. With all the changes that the algorythm is going through, this has become a general issue that stories are having many fewer views in comparison with the views they had at one time.
And the thing is that stories views are directly proportional related to their reach: the higher the reach, the bigger the amount of story views.

For this reason, here you have several tips that we have already implemented during the last months with some Instagram accounts from different niches or areas. For now, results are so satisfactory, since most of those users have quadrupled their stories reach.

What do you have to keep in mind when posting your Instagram Stories in order to avoid this problem?


1. Start working on a content planning for Stories.

Ideally, you should post 3 stories in the morning (maximum), 3 in the afternoon, and another 3 in the evening. It is vital to be constant when posting. If you can not made a planning to reach these goals, try at least posting 1 story on each of the moments of the day (morning, afternoon, evening).

2. Take advantage of the stickers power.

The first story you’re posting must contain an interaction or call-to-action sticker, but why? Since the first story is the one having the biggest amount of views, adding this type of stickers will let you reach more users on Instagram. We advise you to use the poll sticker, so you can ask them if the prefer option 1 or 2 , if they already know about something your showing or telling them, for them to answer a true or false question, to know if they’ve ever done something similar to what you’ve already asked, etc.

Think about which are the most frequent questions from your followers or clients in order to create content for your Instagram stories.

3. Invite your followers to participate.

In the stories coming next, you must also encourage them to participate with more interactive stickers, such as the question sticker, slider sticker, etc. In fact, it is about adding any call to action sticker for users to participate on a certain story.

How to use stickers when content creating.

Using the question sticker, you can ask them for any recommendation, or to guess something about you. Or you can also ask them for whatever they’re interested in for you to talk about it, or let them decice what do they want you to share with them on Instagram.

On the other hand, if you need some examples of the poll sticker, you can use it in many different ways: “Which one of these is not the right one? ” , “Which type of X is your favorite?”. Or just give them some options of differents topics they want you to talk about.

And finally, for the Slider sticker, you can ask them about what does your content make them feel or you can also change the emoji on the slide bar and ask them to rate something on a scale.

Dig up your creativity!

These are just some general examples on how can you apply all of our recommencations, but each Instagram account must offer their own content; a relevant and interesting kind of content for their followers.

Our advise is for you to start implementing them right now, to see the results as soon as possible! We would like to know if any of you gets to multiply even more than 4 times their reach. If so, it would be nice if you share it with us on comments!

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