How we do it

Increase your followers between 1.500 and 3.000 per month
Organic and Targeted growth
Make you Tiktok followers grow organically and in a targeted way thanks to our technology supported by artificial intelligence. Do not buy likes or followers. Just through our technology we grow your natural presence among your target audience, achieving sustainable growth.
Automatic interaction
Save between 4/5 hours a day
Don’t you have 4/5 hours to spend on Tiktok? Instaboom is your solution.
Our technology based on artificial intelligence, does “natural” interactions with your Account (Follows, Likes, Comments and Story Views), achieving make your account grow as if you were your. No bots or fake accounts. All natural.
You are not alone
The best secret ever kept
Our team design a strategy from the scratch, that will be improved by our artificial intelligence engine during the time. We optimize all the process to find better results every day and you don’t have to worry about anything. You are not the only one. Our technology is used for some of most successful Tiktok accounts.

Our prices

Perfect if you want to try our service. Without AI.
$34 /week
  • 200 / 400 followers in 7 days *
  • Strategy and targets personalized
  • Real followers
  • Secure server – Private IP
  • Automatic renewal
The best seller. You can cancel it at any time, without questions.
$89 /month
  • 30% DISCOUNT !
  • 1.500 / 3.000 follower per month *
  • Strategy and targets personalized
  • Real followers
  • Artificial intelligence engine
  • Automatic renewal
The most used plan by our oldest customers.
$219 /quarter
  • 40% DISCOUNT! / 73$ by month
  • 4.000/9.000 followers per quarter *
  • Strategy and targets personalized
  • Real followers
  • Artificial intelligence engine
  • Automatic renewal
  • You can change the plan whenever you want from the control panel or contacting our support staff.
  • All our plans can be cancelled until one day before the end of cycle. 3 days before we will be sending an Email to confirm that you wish to continue with the service and you will be able to cancel it without any questions or explanations, just in a click.

*Results may vary on each account depending on many factors (age of the account, quality of the content, frequence of posting)

If you prefer, you can contact us.
We will explain you everything in detail and we will help you setting up your account.

Why Instaboom?

What make us different
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    From the moment you acquire the service, an account manager will be assigned to you to help you with the management of your account from the first day until the last one.
  • Telephone support
    We have been aware of the importance of being able to speak with a real person, that is why we offer you free hotline. You can call us whenever you want.
  • Real Followers
    Unlike other services like followers purchase, with Instaboom all new followers are real and they are founded in the interactions we generate.
  • Engagement
    We are not only generating followers but also engagement and exposure.


Below you can find some info that may be helpful for your decision

Are the results guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee the results because they depend on some other external factors, such as Tiktok limits, quality content and others. Until now we haven’t found an Account that our system can’t help grow. The monthly average overcomes the 1000 followers but if you have good content and your niche is interesting, you can grow even over 3000 per month. Easily.

Are followers real?

Completely ! We are not a followers or likes seller company. Our technology makes interactions and dinamize our customers accounts with real users which generates organic growth. Nobody is going to be forced to follow you but through the interactions users will be following you because they like your content.

How do you identify my target?

We ask our clients for 10 accounts and hashtags that will be corresponding with their target audiences. Based on this info, our team will create a list of other accounts and hashtags related to begin the interactions. Our artificial intelligence system analyzes the results of each account and identifies which accounts are optimum for your profile based on the number of posts, last time the user posted and 8 other variables that optimize the account and assure that the followers our clients get are active and generate engagement.

If I decide to cancel the plan, will my new followers disappear?

Of course not. The followers you have won with Instaboom are already yours. Remember that all the followers you have won have decided to follow you actively. Because of that, they are showing interest in your profile and content. Of course they also are free to stop following you if they are not interested and this is why we recommend you to keep generating content.

Do I have to give you my account password?

Yes. Our technology needs access to your account. It interacts with your audience using your account. Of course we will never share your password with nobody or look into your private conversations. Your account will be in good hands.

Can I use my account simultaneously?

Yes, that will be no problem. However, once you hire any plan, we will sent you some recommendations in terms of Instagram limits.

How does billing work?

Depending on the plan you choose, you will be charged weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Every Time before we charge you, an Email will be sent to you to remember. You can cancel the subscription from that Email with just a click.

Likewise you will be provided with a control panel where you will be able to manage or cancel your plan and always will be available our support staff. You will receive an invoice with its correspondent VAT (included already in prices) at the moment of the payment..

I already hired, Now what?

Great! Welcome! One of our success managers will be contacting you in less than 24 hours.

Normally, in less than 24 hours your account should be connected, active and growing. If there is any issue, don’t worry, your plan will not start until everything is setted up.

Our Clients Testimonials

SANDRA @xxxxRestaurant MadridAgence BarceloneMarcel @xxxxx
It has been a magnificent decision. I was stuck with my account starting with my account and it was hard for me to upload 10,000 followers and thanks to Instaboom I am growing at a very good rate.
SANDRA @xxxx
Amazing !!
For us it is fundamental to be able to grow in social networks without being permanently on top of them and that is exactly what Instaboom offers. Without doubts highly recommended.
Restaurant Madrid
We currently manage more than 20 accounts of our clients with Instaboom and in an immense majority it is working perfectly. Thank you!
Agence Barcelone
A big help!
After trying several agencies, we find Instaboom and it is the best quality / price service you can find. We have grown 20,000 followers in 7 months and many of them have become customers.
Marcel @xxxxx
It Really Works!
We will be glad to help you

If you have any doubt contact us

You can call us to +34 910 887 564 or fill the following form





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