A fundamental aspect for the success of an Instagram account is its ability to generate interaction with users. To achieve this, it is necessary to use strategic and attractive CTAs (“calls to action”) that motivate users to interact with the content.

CTAs are essential to guide users to the action you want them to take. An effective message should always include a CTA that tells the user what the next step is and how to take it (either through a visual element or an explanatory text).

It is important to note that a CTA does not always seek to obtain a click or a purchase, but can be used in any type of resource or action within your digital marketing strategy.

To help you, we are going to share with you the best types of CTAs according to your specific objective!




Don’t forget to use the right CTAs in your publications in order to achieve your goals! And you, did you already know about these strategies to increase engagement? Have you used any of them?

¡Download this info here! and have these ideas handy.

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