It is getting harder every day  to  organically grow on Instagram and it is necessary to differentiate yourself from the rest in order to stand out.

 With the rise of content in video format, Reels have become the most popular and consumed format by Instagram users, but, how can I create a Reel? Do I  have to download any other app? Won’t it take me too long?

 In this post we tell you how to transform any of your featured Stories into a Reel in the easiest way with the new Instagram functionality. If you don’t have it yet, no worries! Save this post and take note to put it into practice once the application is updated on your device:

  1. Select the Create button. 
  2. Choose the Stories highlight with all those stories you want to be part of your Reel, taking into account that they follow the appropriate structure: start – middle – end. Avoid them just being simply photos and click on Create. 
  3. Add music! Once the Stories highlight is selected, it’s time to add an audio to your future Reel.
  4. Edit. In the next step you will be able to modify the Reel by removing the parts you don’t want to use, as you would normally edit any Reel. 
  5. Add the description and choose a cover for your Reel , that catches your followers attention. Remember to select “Also share in the news” so that your Reel has better reach. 
  6. Ready! Share it and keep growing your community on Instagram.


And you, have you already tried it? 

From 1 to 10, how easy is it to create Reels on Instagram now?

We read you in the comments!

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