We just want to remind you the key dates for your social media this March! So you can start planning your content to post at the right time.


EN - Calendario - April


Remember that this month we have the Earth Day (April 22nd) which is given more importance every year in social media due to the growing awareness of climate change.In addition, April 27th is also a very important day in our sector since it is the day when we celebrate World Graphics Day. In the area of Digital Marketing and social media, design is vital. So, we want to make it easier for you by recommending different tools that we use everyday that we find very useful:


:bulb: Content Ideas –  Answer the Public
:lower_left_paintbrush:Graphic Design – Adobe Creative Cloud Express
:movie_camera: Video Editing/Making – InShot App
:camera: Design elements  (pics, icons, etc) – Freepik
:blue_heart: Color palette – Coolors.co
:floppy_disk: To remove pictures background – remove.bg
:pencil2: Free type fonts – Font Squirrel
:computer: Text Editing – Grammarly
:clown_face: GIFs for Memes – GIPHY


¿What are you waiting for? Download the calendar  now and get to it to impress your followers!


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