If you are looking for an organic and segmented growth of your Instagram account, you are at the right place. 

While you continue posting on your account and answering direct messages and comments from other users, we are in charge of interacting with them (viewing their Stories, liking their posts, and following and unfollowing them in case they don’t follow you) automatically and organically with followers of other accounts that you choose. 

All the followers we get are followers of the accounts and hashtags you provide us. Simply thanks to the interactions we make, they discover your account and freely  decide to follow you. This way, you do not buy fake followers or likes, but you increase the exposure of your account with people interested in your product or content. For this reason, canceling your plan with Instaboom would not mean losing them, since they have freely  followed you once they arrived to your profile.


How to choose the target accounts:

Depending on your goals, we recommend you to choose a certain  kind of account or another. 

That’s the reason why different circumstances may arise. Imagine that you have an online store and that you only ship to your country. In that case, you will be interested in selecting accounts whose majority of followers are from your country because they are your potential clients. On the contrary, it may be that your market is on another country and, for that reason, you are interested in attracting followers from that specific country. In that case, you would have to select accounts whose majority of followers are from that country in which your company operates or in which your brand addresses their actions.


How to choose the target hashtags:

An easy way to do it is to think about which hashtags are relevant for you. For example, if you have a hair salon in London, it is vital the hashtag #londonhairsalon to be part of your strategy, since by using it you are trying to reach people who, apart from being interested in hairdressing, they are also located in your area. Just as this happens to you, it also happens to your competition. So you can search for that hashtag on Instagram, then go to featured posts and see which accounts has Instagram positioned in that category. Our recommendation is that you have to analyze both, the hashtags and the target numbers one by one to see if  you really consider that you have a similar audience. 

In our experience, you should choose Instagram accounts having less than 20,000 followers. You can choose bigger accounts, but a large percentage of accounts with more than 20,000 followers are those that have ever bought fake or real followers, but from countries like China, Russia, Morocco, Pakistan, etc.; so they are never  going to be a potential client.

 In the end, it is about choosing accounts whose followers you are interested in to drive them to your profile since you think they fit with your target audience.

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