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How to get verified on Instagram? | InstaBoom
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How to get verified on Instagram?

Get your account verified by Instagram

The verification on Instagram is the blue check that Instagram shows besides the name of the user which automatically positions your authority. Any user who checks your profile will see that your account is verified, which doubtless will increase your credibility.

How to get your account verified on Instagram? Untill 2018 there wasn’t a via to ask for the verification, the accounts which get it where simply chosen by Instagram, who gives it. However, now you can ask for your account to get verified, but have in mind that not everybody who ask for it gets it. Below you will find the steps to follow to get the account verified:

1. On the settings of your account, you will find it above the number of your followers and follows on an icon with three horizontal lines, then click on settings

2. Slice and click on  Account and then on Request Verification

3. Once there, you will be requested for the following:

  •  User name of Instagram account (the account where you are login at the moment and you want Instagram to verify)
  •  Your full name  (introduce your full name, as it is on your Identification Card. If it’s a company introduce the identification card of the major partner)
  •  Known as (the name you or your company is known)
  •  Account category
  •  A picture to identify yourself (can be a passport, a driven license or any Identification Card)

4. Send and wait. The time you will have to wait is not stipulated, it’s up to Instagram. This can take since a few hours till a few weeks. You only need to be patient!

Instagram stablished a number of requirements for your account to be verified, make sure your account complies all of them:

Authentic. Your account must be from a real person, business or institution. For example, accounts from fan clubs are not included on this category.

Unique. Instagram usually doesn’t verified accounts of general interest or repost as the content must be created and post it by yourself.

Public and complete. Instagram requires to have the account public and have a biography, which includes to have a profile photo and post. Every time you call to ask for counseling, we tell you the importance of having a complete and effective biography and in this case as you can see is essential. If you don’t know yet how to write an effective biography to engage your target and potential client check it on the following post: https://bit.ly/2TRBYYL

No promoting other social media accounts on your Instagram account. Your account can’t have any link which redirects to another social media; but you can have a link to redirect traffic to your web site, shop, youtube chanel, blog, etc.

Remarkable. While the verification usually is only for public characters, now Instagram is giving it also to accounts with lot of references on press and other media. Having a popular brand is not enough if there aren’t any references on other media, besides your web site, about you. Instagram wants to know if you are publicly known or not.

Some aspect you should take into account:

It isn’t a minimum amount of followers you should have to get the verification. This doesn’t mean that thousand of followers will guarantee you get the verification.

Instagram doesn’t give any specific reason if rejects your petition. Users receive a notification which says that the account doesn’t acomplish the requirements but this doesn’t specify which ones.

There isn’t a specific way of sharing with Instagram the press references or other mentions on different media from you or your brand. Meaning that is Instagram who makes his own research. If the references and the articules can be find on Google they will find it.

There isn’t an exact moment for Instagram to verified the account. Usually takes a few days but also can take weeks. The only thing you can do is to be patient and review your notifications, which is the way Instagram will inform you if the account gets verified or not.

You won’t receive an email from Instagram asking you to verified your account neither another person apart from the owner of the account can ask for the verification. If you receive an email from Instagram suggesting to click on a link to verify your account don’t do it. It’s a hacker. Never pay a third person to get the verification even if they assure they can do it through a contact on Instagram or similar, because is not possible. The only way to get your account verified is through the official proccess explained on the own app from Instagram.

Good luck!

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