People increasingly value naturalness and closeness in social networks, so it is important that you show yourself close to your followers. This way, you can humanize your brand and generate more trust. 

If you want your followers to trust you and end up buying your product or hiring your service, it is important that they know you, although not everyone likes to show themselves publicly. Therefore, today we have prepared a series of ideas along with recommendations for the use of gifs, polls, etc., so that your stories have more engagement and views.

  1. Show your daily life in photos of your breakfast, your workplace, the movies or series you are watching… You can also use gifs or question boxes, asking for recommendations or asking if they have read/watched it.
  2. Show how you do your job, for example, how you prepare orders, how you add tags… Use songs in the background of the trends offered by Instagram.
  3. Upload a Before and After of your work, e.g. the products you are going to pack out of the package vs. the package ready to ship. 
  4. Upload the photo of the last reel or post uploaded by covering a part of the post, and encourage clicking on the post with a gif.
  5. Share a song or playlist that you like or motivates you from Spotify, so that your followers can see your likes and notice you more! Post the link so they can access it more easily.
  6. Share reviews from your customers, so your followers can see that they are satisfied, or tell them about an error with the order and explain how well you have solved it. You can also take advantage of these occasions to ask your followers to leave you a review!
  7. Recommend books, movies or series by uploading a fragment of the text or sharing a few seconds of an episode of the series, and use a survey asking if they know it!
  8. Get them involved. Publish a product to be launched with all its variants of color, model, etc., and ask for their opinion. Use questions or boxes to get them to actively participate.
  9. Explain how to place an order step by step
  10. Promote offers for a limited period of time and encourage your community to take advantage of them. 

We encourage you to put them into practice as soon as possible and let us know in the comments how they are working for you!



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