In the world of social media, creating quality content in Instagram stories has become an essential skill to capture the attention of your audience. Beyond static posts, stories offer you the opportunity to interact with your followers by generating a more direct impact. Story content should be real, educational and engaging. Below, we will explore the most effective strategies to not only captivate your audience, but also improve your conversions. 


Below, we’ll give you content ideas that can revitalize your Instagram strategy and establish stronger connections with your followers.


#1: Engage your followers. Ask for opinions and suggestions using videos, texts or stickers. Have them propose ideas and express interest in your current content. This increases engagement and provides valuable audience feedback.


For example, upload a video of a new product before explaining its features or uses and ask what they think are the same. Later, you can upload another story asking for feedback from customers who have already tried it. This has many advantages since, in addition to involving your audience, you get feedback from customers to see where you can improve!


#2: Don’t be afraid to be boring. Even if you find your daily life boring, it can be fascinating to others. Your routine, your work and your life are entertainment for many. It’s also important that you try to show your face, as getting your followers to know you will generate many benefits! Also, the life you share doesn’t have to be perfect: imperfections are attractive because they capture our attention. It’s more exciting to hear the story of someone who built their business in the face of adversity than someone who made it without challenges.


#3: Get Quick Feedback and Ideas. If you’re looking for a quick and easy dose of interaction, try adding polls to your stories. You can create them in a matter of seconds and they get a lot of attention. They’re also positive with respect to Instagram’s algorithm, indicating that people like interacting with your stories.


Here are some suggestions for survey questions:

  • What type of content they would like to see 
  • Which of two products they prefer 
  • Whether they agree or disagree with an opinion 
  • Any yes or no question 
  • Any choice between two options


#4: Create Instant Q&As. In addition to polls, use questions in your stories to host question and answer (Q&A) sessions. You can do general sessions like “Ask me anything” or provide advice on specific topics. However, specialized sessions tend to generate more interaction. If you have small accounts and are afraid of no questions, you can create your own questions and use them to create content. Add the option to create Featured highlights with FAQ’s to make it easier for the user to find certain information.


#5: Facilitate conversions. You can use Q&A to capture leads and conversions. For example, offer some benefit in exchange for emails or provide links and offers through direct messages by having people share a keyword. In this way, you will expand your database with contacts from potential customers who you know want to receive that information. Simplify the conversion process for your followers.


#6: Content accessible to everyone. Use various formats: add subtitles to videos and alternative text in infographics. Simplify text in stories and use contrasting colors and readable fonts. Make your content accessible to all audiences.

That way, if a person can’t hear what you’re saying, they can read it.


By following these tips, your stories will get the conversions and reach they deserve, increasing the number of followers and potential customers, as well as their loyalty to your brand. And you, did you already know these tricks for stories?

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