We just want to remind you the key dates for your social media this March! So you can start planning your content to post at the right time.


EN - June Calendar - Instaboom


Remember that this month we have World Environment Day (June 5th) which is given more importance every year in social media due to the growing awareness of climate change. If you have an ecofriendly brand or business, you should not forget it.

Moreover, June 20th and 21st are very important days, since we celebrate the beginning of summer and the general happiness that this entails :smile: :sunny:. If you have a seasonal business, such as a company in a tourist destination, without any doubt, you should pay close attention to it.


Finally, on June 28th, LGBTI pride is celebrated. It is at this time that many brands create content related to this date and they even incorporate the flag into their logos :rainbow:.


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