Since June 2023, Instagram has made changes to its operating system including a new feature by which, by sending a single message, you can reach thousands of people: broadcast channels


What are they?

Broadcast channels are a one-way communication medium through which the creator can provide information, share content, images, audios, polls, links, videos… with their followers in a more personalized and dynamic way

The members of the channel receive the information sent by the creator, and can give likes, react with emojis, etc; although they cannot respond directly. This facilitates contact and rapprochement between the creator and his followers.

When creating the channel, Instagram will notify your followers so that they can join. Therefore, it is a very powerful tool, since users who are really interested in your brand or content join. 


How to activate your channel?

  1. You must have the Instagram app updated.
  2. Go to the app > to your profile > and click on the “+” icon at the top right. The last option you will be given will be the “channel”. 
  3. You must click on it, name it and click on “create”. 
  4. Once you have it, Instagram will take care of notifying your followers so that they can join.
  5. Subscribers to the channel will receive a notification in their inbox when the creator updates the content and adds new posts. They will always be able to leave or mute the channel and manage the notifications they receive.


These broadcast channels on Instagram give you different ways to share content, interact with your audience in a closer way and thus, promote your brand or business. 


How to use them?

Here are some different ways to use Instagram’s broadcasting channels in a strategic way and thus achieve your business’ broadcasting and engagement goals:


  1. You can take advantage of this tool to make the launch of a new product and thus make it known in a more exclusive way.
  2. Use them also in times of sales and to warn of the promotional actions that are being done, announcing that the sales are starting and that the shopping baskets are being prepared before the time comes! 
  3. Share additional information about your brand with your most loyal followers. Reward their commitment by providing them with exclusive discount codes or other advantages you consider.
  4. Use them to promote your events or open days.
  5. Make your followers participate in your brand by sharing surveys in which they can vote. This will also be a good way to receive feedback.


We encourage you to create a channel to be always present and communicated with your followers!

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