Instagram has added some new features in recent months that are sure to help you with your account. We’ll tell you about them!


  • Create broadcast channels

Broadcast channels are public channels in which the creator can invite followers to participate in a conversation. Photos, videos, text… can be shared and polls can be attached for members to participate.


To create a broadcast channel, the following steps must be followed:

1- Log in from your account, go to your profile and click on the “more” button on the top right. 

2- When you click on it, several options will appear. Select “channel”.

3- A new window will open where you have to enter the details of the channel: the name, who is the audience to receive the channel messages (these users will receive a message inviting them to join), and give the option to display the broadcast channel on your profile.

4- Once the options have been configured, click on the button below “create broadcast channel”.  


Creating channels is a great way to keep in touch with your followers and in this way build follower and customer loyalty, get more visibility, keep them up to date with news, offers, etc.


  • Save posts with friends

For a few years now, Instagram has allowed you to create collections to save the content that interests you in an organized way.

Now, you can create shared collections with other users, where each member can save the publications they consider, and can also delete others.

You can choose the name of the collection and share it with the friends you want.

To do this, follow the same steps as for creating a collection or saving a publication individually. The only difference is that after choosing the name of the collection, the “share with” option appears and there you can select the users with whom you want to share the collection.


  • Scheduling content from the application

One of the most awaited new features has finally arrived!

You can now schedule content, both reel and post, from Instagram, so that it is published automatically at the time you choose.


The steps to follow to schedule a publication are as follows:

1- Click on the three stripes at the top right on the profile page of your account.

2- Click on “scheduled content”. If you have never done this before, you will see “no scheduled content yet” – “Schedule content”. Click there.

3- You will see the window that usually appears when you upload a publication, where you can add the text, tags, music, etc.

4- Once this is filled in, click on “advanced configuration” at the bottom and click on “schedule publication”.

5- A new window will appear to choose the details of the schedule (day, time…).


This has many advantages, since you will not have the pressure of having to upload content to your account every day.

If one day you have more inspiration or more free time, you can leave scheduled content for as many days as you want, thus being more efficient.

In addition, it helps to be more consistent, without running the risk of not being able to upload content one day and thus, to maintain or increase the engagement that is gained thanks to the constancy.


  • Share content on other social networks

A new Instagram service is to be able to share content directly on other social networks in a very simple way. 

To do this, you must go to the publication you want to share and click on the arrow at the bottom left.

A window will appear where you can send it to your Instagram contacts, and below that, other options will appear: share, copy link, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp…


We hope this post will help you, since it is essential to be updated about the news that the application is having and thus improve its use to achieve better results in your account and with it, in your brand!


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