One of the most overlooked aspects when creating a social media plan is the investigation of relevant hashtags.  Many times because its potential to gain reach and help a post go viral or reach more people is unknown.

But if you’re a content creator, you can’t skip this step when designing your social media strategy.

It is also possible that you do know the function of the #, but you are not sure where to start. For this reason, in this post we share with you the hashtags that you should add to your publications to have more views and more engagement.




The strategy must be based on a combination of hashtags related to your brand, content, sector, location, interest, virality and key dates. For example, if you have an aesthetic center in Madrid and you are going to launch a campaign on social media specifically for Black Friday, a good combination of hashtags would be the following:

Content on which to see the post in particular: #cellulite #highlights #balayage
Sector : #aesthetic #hairdresser #beauty
Location: #madrid #madridaesthetic #madridhairdresser
Interest: #maquillaje #moda #bienestar
Viral: #beautytips
Occasional: #BlackFriday


Do you think hashtags are important for the growth of an account?

Tell us what do you think in the comments, we read you!


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